Bonus Block #9 and BOM Block 10 ~

I’ve been trying to make up for time not spent in the sewing room this past weekend.  I think I’ve done just that!  The bag I made the other day took all day, and I spent late morning until after dinner working on two of those old Block of the Months.  The bonus block has been a bugger to make so I put it up for a while until I felt I could try it again without frustration (you’ll see what I mean in the picture).

Do you remember that block 9 has templates?  And I was complaining about them?  Yes, bonus block 9 also included templates and lots of bias!  (Did I tell you I hate templates and bias??  I HATE TEMPLATES AND BIAS!)  Okay, I feel better now ~ When I cut out the bonus block I thought, “I can use the same template for the bonus as I did for the block.  I measured the template and it seemed to fit.  WRONG ~

As I was trying to sew the middle star points together (here’s where the templates come into play), they sewed together nicely.  Then I had to sew this unit to another unit, consisting of two squares.  The star points did not fit the square units!  The points were too big.  I tried cutting out another template; no bueno.  Then I tried to figure out how I could cut these pieces without using the template.  What you need to know is that the pieces, when sewn together, make sort of a half square rectangle (if there is such a thing).  You can not cut these out like you would when you make a half squared triangle.  It doesn’t work, I tried.

The short of the story is that I finally called my designer friend in Tennessee.  She is usually very good at figuring out measurements and such.  Her response to me was to paper piece this unit.  That was not exactly what I wanted to hear.  I like paper piecing.  I love the fact that the points are perfect when paper piecing is finished, but I hate tearing all that paper off!  I just put this block aside and made that bag you saw yesterday.

I finally decided I needed to face that devil of a block (with the urging of my Tennessee friend) and just go do!   That’s what I did yesterday.  Just did it!  So without any more boring words, here’s the mess I made and ultimately that bonus block #9 ~

Triangle Spin Bonus Block 9 (3)

The top of this picture is my attempts to sew this block without the template, the bottom is where I decided to paper piece

Triangle Spin Bonus Block 9 (2)

The unit after it was paper pieced, however the fabrics are switched.  The purple should be where the white is, and the white where the purple is

Triangle Spin Bonus Block 9 (4)

The back side of the block.  Paper piecing works, if you have the patience

Triangle Spin Bonus Block 9 (1)

“Triangle Spin” finished!  I think this should be called “Devil Spin!”

I am making this quilt for a family member for their birthday.  Her birthday is in June so I need to step it up a notch and get those last few blocks done.  After this block was finished, I took a small break and then went right back to work.  Here’s BOM block #10 ~

Bridal's Wreath BOM 10

“Bridal’s Wreath”

I only have 5 more blocks to finish and then I can start assembling them together in a quilt.  I’m not sure, yet, how I’m going to set these blocks together.  I had to use some of the fabric they sent me for the sashing and border in that triangle spin block, so I’m not sure if I’ll have enough fabric to put it together the way they suggest.

Praying you have a productive day.  I’ll probably be in my sewing room all day again.  But you know?  Any day that I can sew is a good day!  Thank you, Lord, for this ability!


2 comments on “Bonus Block #9 and BOM Block 10 ~

  1. I think your friend was right. The paper piecing is so precise. I took a class this winter with paper piecing and LOVED the sewing. I have not yet done anything with the 4 blocks I made, so the paper is still on the back. Now that your block is “built”, you are safe, I presume, to remove the paper? Do you spray with water first to help it release? I remember in class that we reduced our stitch length down considerably to keep from “pulling out” our stitches. I can’t wait to see what happens with yours. The bridal’s wreath is beautiful. Your recipient will love this quilt. Be sure to give them a link to your blog, so they have the FULL story! 🙂

    • bednad75 says:

      I did and do use smaller stitch length when I paper piece. I also have sprayed the paper to remove it. That does make it easier to pull the paper off. I can’t wait until this quilt is all together!

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